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"If you can't find the liquidity, you'll become the liquidity."

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At Humair trading course you will get to have 1 on 1 Mentorship and previous recorded session for deep understanding of dynamic market condition the coach and founder "Humair ALI" have 11+ Years of experience in forex trading industry

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Humair Ali

Humair Ali

Accuracy In Analysis

11+ years experience

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“I began my journey in forex trading in 2011 as a novice. Initially, I invested in numerous courses, but found them to be of little value as I struggled to comprehend the charts even after completing them. This led to years of frustration and inconsistency. Without a mentor or guide to provide answers and direction, I continued to face challenges. Despite purchasing additional courses, I encountered the same issues of confusion and unanswered questions. It wasn’t until I found a great teacher who focused on mindset, psychology, and key concepts that I began to see improvements. With his guidance and support, I started to generate consistent profits after wasting seven years and over $10,000 on courses from false gurus.

In late 2020, I discovered FUNDING TALENT prop firm, where I opened multiple accounts of varying sizes and began receiving payouts. Unfortunately, the company eventually ceased operations. Undeterred, I continued to hone my skills on my live account and transitioned to TRUE FOREX FUND and FTMO. Now, I have clarity on my trading path and limitations, and I consistently achieve positive results.”

We strive to offer an unparalleled experience

At Humair Fx, we refrain from promoting unrealistic aspirations. Our focus is on equipping traders of all proficiency levels with the necessary tools and strategies. Whether one is a novice or a seasoned veteran, our course is structured to facilitate easy comprehension and adoption of trading techniques. While we acknowledge the challenges inherent in trading, our framework has enabled numerous traders to achieve consistency and secure funding.


As a part of Humair Fx mentorship you'll get access to our learning management system. our recaps, daily analysis, team ideas, daily break downs on currency pairs, indices and metals and all we trade, you will get access to our global trading community, all through private discord server You'll get to interact directly with our coach and elite trader and get the opportunity to meet and trade with our skilled trader all the time

Our course is designed to help you find your consistency as a trader

Humair Fx was created with the primary aim of instructing traders in a specialized set of technical analysis, risk management, and trade psychology skills. This equips them to obtain prop-firm funding, secure private funding, and develop their personal trading accounts, facilitating the possibility of making a full-time income through trading.

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Our Zero -To- Funded ROADMAP

  • Importance of Liquidity

  • Market traps and how to rid of it.

  • Plans of different days

  • How to follow the liquidity

  • Customized trading plan

  • Importance of sessions

  • High reward setup planning

  • Fixing emotions and psychology

  • Bullet proof entry patterns

  • Plan for prop firms

  • Risk management

  • How to trade on your own time

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  • 1-1 Mentorship
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  • Live trading sessions
  • Weekly analysis
  • Trade ideas & breakdown
  • Psychology mastery

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